Alethea; a grounding poem

The poem Alethea, by Mark Hannan in 1993, was written as an invocation creating sacred space and is meant to be accompanied by the beat of a doumbek or celtic frame drum.


Guilt and Shame; Exposing their secrets is a way to heal

Often guilt and shame are confused, misunderstood, and therefore minimized, repressed, or swept aside completely. The best writing on the topic appeared in the Atlantic Monthly February 1992 in a lengthy article simply titled Shame, by Robert Karen. Much of this writing is a paraphrase and quotation of that article interspersed with my own process of healing and the re-writing my life story – past and present.


The Pentacle Spread for the Light and Shadow Tarot Deck

The Pentacle Spread was created by Mark Hannan, the poet of the Incantations in the Light & Shadow Tarot deck book published by Inner Traditions, 1996. The Pentacle Spread can be used with any tarot deck. Below find a full description of how to draw and read the Pentacle Spread. Overview The Pentacle Spread is…


Litany by the Sea

  In an abundant wood Of Queen Anne’s lace dried and brown like bamboo, the ant scurries its way over fallen bramble and raspberry thorn, twisted California poppy blooming orange. As I lay there, intertwined listening, I hear an old man with an ancient smile in simple language say – “Every step is a Prayer.” 1…